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Cheryl Ann's Quilting Design Wall - 72" White

Design Wall Small White

heryl Ann's Design Wall comes to you in a small tote bag measuring about 5x5 x 22 inches and weighing less than 7 pounds. It is easily assembled in just a few minutes to provide a giant 72x72 inch flannel surface that is stretched tight on a stable frame. The flannel is a high quality, 100% cotton, preshrunk flannel that has been measured and sewn to fit the frame. Because it is stretched tight and standing at an angle, adherence is marvelous and pinning is never necessary. A design wall like this will help you create wonderful projects and sharpen your quilting skills. When you are finished, just fold it up and put it away. Note: It is not recommended that the pre-shrunk Flannel Fabric Panel be washed. If the fabric panel must be washed, it should be washed in COLD water and then immediately assembled onto the tubular frame for drying so it does not shrink.